Norway to Ireland

“It seemed an advantage to be traveling alone. Our responses to the world are crucially moulded by the company we keep, for we temper our curiosity to fit in with the expectations of others.”  Alain de Bolton- The Art of Travel

Norway in August is just beautiful, and I had a wonderful time there.  Spent a lot of time with my son, his fabulous girlfriend and her family.  They were all so welcoming.  It was really special.  And I had one entire day to explore Stavanger on my own.  I was there last year with my daughter, which was great.  But I do find a peace in just wandering around on my own.  I can go wherever my feet lead me.  Stop whenever I want.  I just really enjoy it, and I do really enjoy my own company. 

I have read that when you can truly enjoy time alone, then you can also get more enjoyment out of being with others.  I now get that.  When I am with others, I do try to listen fully and be present with them.  And that does make for a great connection.  And I am learning, or at least trying to learn, not to have expectations of others.  But rather to just be with them.  It really makes for a lovely time.

After 5 days in Norway, it was off to Dublin.  When I decided on Dublin, I felt like I just pulled it out of the air.  People were telling me to go here or there, and when I stopped and listened to my heart, I just said Dublin.  So glad I did!

I arrived in Dublin around noon, and took a taxi straight to my B&B.  Number 31.  Great place to stay.  Wonderful location near so many Dublin sites.  I spent the day walking around, getting to know the city, stopping in for a delicious late lunch.  I just felt some connection to this city.  It felt comfortable. 

I thought about going to a seaside town, but it never did happen.  Day 2 in Dublin was absolutely glorious.  Warm, sunny, lots of people out and about.  I walked along the River Liffey, and all over the town.  I got a take out salad and ate it in St. Stephen’s Green.  The people watching was great!  I heard languages from all over the world.  There were business people, families, people from all walks of life.  I just sat and soaked it all in. 

And I noticed the Dublin Street Style.  So many men were in fashion forward suits and great shoes.  They looked amazing.  And the women were all over the map.  From blogger stylish to I don’t even know what.  It was all just great fun to watch. 

I wandered over to Temple Bar.  It is a bit more touristy, but the pubs there have live music all day.  I went into one, and was mesmerized by the wonderful Irish music.  As a solo traveler, it is easy to get to the bar.  I found myself a seat, ordered a Hop House 13, which is a lager brewed by Guiness.  Yum.  I hung out there for a while, went across the street to hear some more music.  It was awesome.  After more music and another beer, I made my way back closer to my B&B and found a pub over there. 

Then things got a bit crazy. 

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