More on Cheating…

With the whole Anthony Weiner/Huma Abedin news breaking this week, it is bringing cheating, affairs, and betrayed wives back into the news cycles.  What really gets me is how people are judging her.  I have already heard…Why didn’t she leave him sooner?  How could she pick someone like him?  Their sex life must not have been very good.  I thought she had a higher opinion of herself.  She should have left him long ago.

OMG.  What business is it of anyone else what the woman does?  She is going through emotions right now that most people can never even imagine.  She has a family.  Why does our culture have to put down others, particularly women who have been betrayed?  Why are betrayed women portrayed as weak?  In actuality, they are some of the strongest women you will ever meet.  Why can’t women support other women, instead of resorting to insults and judgements?  Why do we like to tell other people what to do rather than encourage them to find their own answers, what will work for them?

Seeing another high profile case of cheating just brings affairs back to the forefront.  It was had enough being betrayed in a town of a million, where not that many people knew me.  I can’t even imagine having it happen in the spotlight.

I was taught a long time ago, being born in 1958, that divorce is wrong.  That you do whatever you can to keep your marriage together.  Even if it feels wrong.  Yet now, after going through the betrayal and divorce, I don’t see divorce as a bad thing.  Actually, it could be quite a healthy and good way to live.  It can cleanse things that just are working, and open up the space for something much better.  Are people really meant to be together forever?  And can we actually expect to meet our forever love when we are just 18?  I know this does happen, and when it does, it is truly beautiful.  But if it doesn’t, that is okay, too.  To try to put this pressure on ourselves to stay together when things just aren’t working and don’t feel good just really doesn’t make sense.

Back to the current news.  How about we all just give her a break, know that she has been doing what she needs to do for herself and her family, and be okay with that?  How about rather than gossiping about another cheating scandal, we say we know she is doing the best she can.  How about compassion for anyone going through this?  As for him, with a name like he has, if the jokes fly, so be it.

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