I have been out of sorts this week.  I think it is a combination of coming off a wonderful vacation, and hitting the ground back home, being very busy.  And then there are guys.  The guy from Ireland.  And another interesting guy I met at my 40th high school reunion, which was the week after I got back.  A lot going on.  And I just feel off.  It is like my body, brain and emotions are trying to readjust. 

I told my coach this.  She noticed that this same thing happened to me when I traveled to India earlier in the year.  She suggested that travel can change us.  And that I don’t come back the same person I was when I left.  But I come back to the same surroundings that were me when I left.  And possibly that throws me off, and tries to pull me back to who I was.  I have been thinking about that.  And then today, this quote crossed my path.

“We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything.”

–Jonah Lehrer, “Why We Travel,” Panorama Magazine (Deccember 2009)

I believe in synchronicity.  That nothing in life is random.  And I felt like this was a message to me to actually try what Maureen, my coach, had suggested.  I was with a girlfriend last night, and as we shared some wine, she mentioned that she had a feng shui expert go through her previous home.  We got into a discussion on feng shui and energy, and I knew what I had to do.

Today I googled feng shui in the bedroom.  I found some really helpful information, and I got to it.  Feng shui asks the purpose of the room.  I thought about this, and my bedroom’s purpose is rest and comfort.  I want it to be a calming retreat.  I also want it to be a place of intimacy, passion and romance, hopefully in the future.  It is said that everything should reflect the purpose.  And if not, get it out.  Get out all clutter. 

Feng shui also suggests that you get out anything with negative memories and associations.  I thought I had done a lot of that, but found there was more.  I had a large print right across from my bed.  It was something my ex and I bought a long time ago on a trip to the Caribbean.  I always liked the picture, and felt it represented me.  But I knew I had to get it out.  It was the first thing I saw every day when I woke up.  And I saw where there were just negative memories tied to it that I wasn’t even aware of.  So I got it out. 

I bought a painting this past summer at an art festival that I feel in love with.  At the time, I actually took it upstairs to my bedroom, but it is a good painting, and thought it should be in my living room for other people to see, and not in my bedroom.  Well screw that.  I love it.  I can put it in my bedroom for me to enjoy.  That is why I bought it.

I have learned that hanging pictures, particularly large ones, on my own isn’t the easiest thing to do.  In the past, I would be angry about it.  Today I just got to it.  I didn’t like the first location or the second.  I ended up with 3 new holes in the wall, but that is okay.  I did it.  Another thing that I find that I can do on my own!  And honestly, that does feel empowering. 

Feng shui suggests that one be deliberate with everything that goes into our space.  I had a lot of books in my room.  I thought I had gone through them, but obviously I hadn’t.  There were books that were from my darkest times, when I was buying every self help book that interested me in the slightest.  There were books that my ex and I both read.  There were books that just no longer reflected who I am.  And I also found many journals.  Journals where I poured out my pain, hurt, and anger.  I knew this stuff had to go.  I stacked up the journals.  I considered trying to find a place to burn them, but decided I was okay just throwing them in the trash.  That felt really good.  And I moved all the books with any negative memories out.  I was very mindful as I went through this.  I tried to feel what each book meant.  And I moved a few different books into my bedroom. 

It is also recommended that one is mindful of what one stores under their beds.  I had no idea of that.  I had 4 storage bins under my bed.  It is suggested that if necessary, one only store items necessary for sleeping, such as sheets, etc.  I live in a small house and storage space is pretty important, but out the bins came.  I vacuumed all the dust bunnies and cleaned the floor. 

And honestly, the room feels totally different.  I don’t know if it is just my story or if I did change the energy.  But I love it!  My bedroom is on the way to becoming my sanctuary.  I have been looking at new bedding and night stands. 

I truly believe we need to let go to let new come in.  We need to let of both physical and emotional things.  I want to let new in my life.  I am ready.  And it just feels so good to let go of old, of things I no longer need and no longer serve me.

I would really like to invite everyone to get out anything that reminds you of anything that was painful in your past.  This isn’t easy.  But something new from the thrift store is better than something filled with painful memories.  And I believe if you want it, you can make it happen. 

Let’s all change our energy so that we can lead fabulous lives, every day, every moment. 

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