No, you have no right to grab me

I didn’t really want to get into politics, but with all the latest revelations out there, I now feel lead to have my say.  I find the “grab them by the p#*%y” absolutely despicable.  No, no one has the right to grab me in my private parts, to cop a feel, to push their desires onto me without my permission.  This is talk of assault.  My body is my own, it is mine, and you can’t touch me without my permission. 

I mentioned this in a previous blog.  I was raped in high school.  It wasn’t a random attack kind of rape.  But rather 2 high school kids out partying.  I got in the car with an older guy.  I thought we were going to make out.  He had other things in mind.  He forced himself on me.  That was my first experience with sex.  To say that it messed me up is an understatement.  I am sure he doesn’t even remember.  For me, it is forever etched on mind, and is a part of my weird sexual hang-ups and fears. 

I have kept that inside for so long.  And just started to look at it in the past year.  Rape, sexual assault, fondling without consent, is wrong.  It is a man exerting his power and control when he has no right to do so.  I am grateful for all the athletes who are now standing up and saying no, this is NOT locker room talk.  Good men don’t talk like this. 

I am infuriated.  But also grateful that with his crazy talk, he is getting this conversation out in the open, where it needs to be.  I can’t believe the number of women who are coming out and saying yes, I have been raped and/or assaulted.  When stories like this, including my own, are kept hidden, no one can learn from them.  They need to come out in the open, become exposed, to examine this problem, and do our best to end it. 

Everyone has a mother, and a grandmother.  Most have female friends.  Many of us have daughters and granddaughters, aunts and nieces.  How can our society allow this to go on, and just laugh it off?  Honestly, as someone who has been on the other side, it is no laughing matter. 

Let’s all continue to talk about it.  Shine a light on it.  Teach the men in our lives that women matter, that their bodies are their own.  Let’s stop this filth in its tracks.  It is time to say enough.

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