40th High School Reunion

It has been a while since my last post.  So much has gone on.  I don’t even know where to begin.  So let me start with a guy. 

This sounds so cliche, but I went to my 40th high school reunion and met a guy there.  I was in a class of over 700, so I did not know every one.  I hadn’t been to a reunion since my 10 year, and I was a bit nervous and apprehensive about going.  But I thought since I was now back in the same state, only 2 hours away, and with a chance to see my mom, I would just do it. 

I went with a couple of high school girlfriends, one with whom I still keep in touch.  I thought about my outfit carefully.  Wanted to look good after all these years.  The reunion was at a large country club, and there were well over 200 people there.  I saw so many old friends and acquaintances, and was really having a great time.  Had a couple of gin and tonics as well, to keep things light and fun. 

When I wasn’t with anyone I knew, I would just go up to people and say hi and give them my name before I changed it with marriage.  There were a lot of hi’s, and I remember you or I don’t remember you.  That was about it.  Except with this one guy.

When I went up to him, we just had this instant easy connection.  We spoke for about 15 minutes before my friends came up and pulled me away.  Before I left, he asked if he could reach out to me sometime.  I said sure and gave him my card.  And then I went off with my girlfriends. 

Before the evening ended, I saw him again.  I said good-bye.  He said he would be in touch.  And then that was it. 

I went back to my girlfriend’s house, and then the next day back to my life.  I was thinking about him, wondering if he would call.  I didn’t hear anything, until the following Thursday.  That’s when he called. 

And we talked for over 2 hours.  And we continue to talk on the phone, often for 2 hours.  Through our conversations, we are learning about who the other is, along with who we ourselves are. I made the decision that I am going to do my best to not where a mask as we get to know one another.  I am going to be me, and say what is right for me, rather than try to be, do and say what I think he wants.  We share our secrets, we flirt, we talk politics, past relationships, you name it, we talk about it.  We laugh a  lot together, and often he makes me smile. 

He is pretty old school, which I really like.  We talk on the phone more than text.  And when we do text, we often flirt and play.  He is an artist and I find his mind very witty and fascinating.  He thinks outside the box, and I do as well. 

So for 2 1/2 months, this has been our relationship.  Would we ever see each other again has been the big question on my mind.  We are only 2 hours apart, but we both have full and busy lives. 

And of course, I wanted him to come and see me.  I’ve told him this.  That if he was truly interested, he would do whatever he needed to visit me, a la Greg Behrendt and He’s Just Not That Into you. 

But as things don’t often work out the way I have them planned in my head, I needed to go visit my mom.  And when I told him I would be there, he said let’s go out Saturday night.  I was excited.  And I was gripped with fear.  What if when I saw this guy it was awful?  What if I just wanted to run away?  So I suggested that we meet for a drink on Friday night and see how it goes.

Well let’s just say that it went way better than either of us ever imagined.

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