Gratitude List A-Z

Here is my A-Z Gratitude List.  I invite everyone to join the game.

It has been interesting, to find something to be grateful for with each letter.  It is making me think outside the box, looking deeper into myself and my world to find the gratitude.  I regularly practice gratitude, but often it I keep coming back around to the same things to be grateful for.  This practice is helping me to look beyond the norm.

I find practicing gratitude helps me, particularly when I struggle.  If I can be grateful for the struggle, or for what I do have in that moment, even if it just my breath, it almost instantly takes away much of the anxiety and stress.  I love how there is actually scientific evidence on the benefits of gratitude.  I know it works, but it is nice getting that validation.

So here is my A-Z list:

  • A- Affair
  • B- Breath
  • C- my Cat and Crystals and Curiosity
  • D- my Dreams (I love how they allow my subconscious to speak to me)
  • E- Earth and Elephants
  • F- Flowers- just love all the colors and scents
  • G- my Garden
  • H- my Heart (my actual physical one and my energetic heart space)
  • I- my Intuition (finally learning to trust it!)
  • J- my Jade Buddha statue
  • K- my Kids
  • L-  Lessons Learned, and the Library
  • M- my Meditation practice
  • N- my Nose, that smells all the scents in this world.
  • O- Odd and Original things, as I think normal is highly overrated.
  • P- my Pancreas (not exactly sure what it does, but I know it works hard)
  • Q- my Quiet time
  • R- Roses, of all shapes and kinds and colors
  • S- my Skin, that allows me to feel things
  • T- my Tribe (my friends who love me unconditionally)
  • U- the Universe, for providing me this life
  • V- Vases, to hold flowers
  • W- Water, to drink, shower in and swim in.
  • X- Xcitement for every new day (okay, this one was hard for me)
  • Y- Yoga
  • Z- Zebras (I was just in Africa and feel in love with all the animals)

Try it yourself, and just have fun with it.  And if you read this and make it to the end, I am very grateful for you, my reader.


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