Ran into ex’s close friend

I ran into my ex’s closest and oldest friend today.  Hadn’t seen him in years.  I thought it had been 30 years, he said more like 10.  Whatever.  It was actually really great to see him.  After all the hi’s and I can’t believe it’s, he said he was sorry to hear what happened and that he was totally shocked by the news of my ex’s affair, divorce and then marriage.  (Me, too!)

They used to ski together every winter.  Always traveling somewhere out west and spending a week on the slopes.  A guys trip.  I always thought great, spend a week with an old friend, get full days in on the slopes and enjoy.

I guess things were never quite the same after the affair.  They didn’t talk for a few years.  They planned one trip but my ex backed out at the last minute.  Excuse was things were too crazy.  When the ex finally decided to go again, they were meeting up for a fun ski-filled week out west.  When my ex got there, he sheepishly explained that he could only stay 2 nights.  New wife didn’t want him being gone that long.  Guess she thought he might cheat??!!

During the craziness of the affair and divorce, my ex actually told me that I never wanted to go out west with him and have a couples week with his friends and he always wanted that.  (Totally not true.  I would have gone but was never asked.  Just saying).  I just find it so darn humorous how things turn out.  Karma really does have her day in the end.

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