I am finally finding my fabulousness at 58.  It has been an interesting journey to get here.  I was living the married life, believing that all was good.  With 2 wonderful  kids, we traveled often and had a lot of fun together.  And then he had an affair, and walked out of my life.  I was in shock.  I really didn’t think I would survive.  Little did I know then, not only would I survive, but I could and would create the most fabulous and amazing life.  One that is true to who I am.  In looking back, I knew there was always something off in my gut, but I just always pushed it aside.  I thought what I had was having it all.  But through his infidelity, I finally found myself.

The idea to blog my experience came from a trip to a MAC counter to turn in 12 old make-up containers for 2 new lipsticks.  I was getting ready to travel to Europe by myself for the first time.  And I was trying to purge my house before I left.  I wanted to get rid of old stuff to allow new to come in.  I had so much old make-up: lipsticks I never used, empty bronzer containers, blush with the top broken off and hair and lint stuck to the cream.  Not sure why I held on to stuff, but I knew it was time to let it go. 

It was a Monday and Nordstrom was quiet.  There was one woman working at the MAC counter.  She was drop dead gorgeous.  I went up to her with all my stuff, and she looked at me and asked if I would be okay with her making some suggestions.  That was more than fine with me.  As we looked at the various colors, we got to talking and just hit it off.  Lipstick color turned into a full make-over as we continued to chat.  I told her my story and she told me hers.  We shared the common bond of walking through our pain, though so different, and coming out so much happier and complete on the other side.  And it was through that conversation that this blog was born.  

I hope to inspire anyone who has been hurt by another’s action.  You can laugh with me, cry with me, feel my pain and sorrow, and my love and joy.  Namaste to all.  May we all find peace in our hearts.